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Dan Strait Piano Salesman

It all started when...

Dan Strait moved to Austin, TX (a “college town”) in 1963 to open a Baldwin Piano franchise, Strait Piano and Organ. Dan was able to obtain the franchise opportunity given his time as a salesperson at a similar establishment in Houston.

Prior to selling pianos, he proudly served his country in the Navy in World War II. Strait Piano and Organ had humble beginnings... Dan had one piano technician, he was the salesperson and he had one person helping him with the accounting books.

His motto was “a place where customers become friends”, which is still our guiding principle to this very day.



Strait Music Company Established 1963 by Dan Strait


Dan began selling band and orchestral instruments so Strait Piano and Organ became Strait Music Company. Buying trends and consumer demand had always followed popular music and it was around this time when a little band called the Beatles burst on the scene playing VOX Amps.

Dan had easy access to the VOX product lines, (Baldwin owned them) so that’s when Strait Music entered the Rock ‘n Roll product space selling guitars and amps.

Dan Strait



Strait Music Company 70s


As the music scene in Austin, TX became more robust. Strait Music followed suit. Throughout the decade of the 1970's the store expanded into more space within its shopping center location at 9th and Lamar. By this time we sold everything… pianos, guitars, drums, band, orchestra, pro-audio, organs, keyboards, sheet music and more… Many famous Texas Rock groups, Outlaw Country icons and classically trained musicians called Strait Music their home store throughout it all.

The late 70’s was also when the second generation of Straits had become involved in the company. Robert Strait graduated from the University of Texas and became involved on the management side, while Dan’s younger son, David, began his career in sales.

Strait Music Company Storefront Green Banner

1970s Strait Music Storefront Counter

1970s Strait Music Storefront Guitar Department

1970s Strait Music Storefront Drum Department




In 1981, Austin (and Strait Music in particular) was hit hard by natural disaster.

The Memorial Day Flood of 1981 claimed many lives and our 9th and Lamar location was ground zero as Shoal Creek had come outside its banks and flooded the company with 8 and 1/2 feet of water. Strait Music lost nearly all of its inventory and one of the iconic scenes of the flood was pianos floating down Lamar on their way to Town Lake.

Through help from many gracious customers and support from loyal manufacturers, the company was able to continue operating after the tragedy. Shortly thereafter, Dan Strait retired and handed over control of the company to his oldest son, Robert.

Strait Music Flood Boat

Strait Music Flood Storefront

Strait Music Flood Storefront Mud

Strait Music Flood Storefront Parking



Strait Music Company Logo Jacket


The 90's brought more catastrophic flooding in Christmas of 1991 and once again it found the Lamar location under water. After a second post-flood recovery, the decade brought expansion in the company.

Strait Music had outgrown its location at 9th and Lamar and was able to upsize to a new location in downtown at 5th and West Ave (NO MORE FLOODING!). The store also opened its second location in 1998 in the Cedar Park area, a location that is still there today.

Strait Music Company Opening 1997 Polaroid


Strait Music 1998 New Location Cedar Park




By 2001, Strait Music once again needed to move to a larger space. Robert purchased the former Lakehills 4 Cinema and built out our current flagship store at Ben White and South Lamar.

In 2006, the third generation of Straits had become involved in the business when Robert’s son, Clint, had graduated from Colorado State University and had returned home to work alongside his father and Uncle David.

Robert Strait with Strait Music Company

Strait Music Company South Lamar Building Past

Strait Music Company South Lamar Building Present Day




The 2010's saw the company drastically expand its band and orchestra offerings. Strait is now the largest independent band and orchestra dealer in Austin and takes great pride in servicing our local schools and families.

Not to brag (but also to brag), Strait Music is now one of the largest, most revered independent music retailers in the United States. Clint Strait received one of the highest industry honors when he was nominated and served on the National Association of Music Merchants’ (NAMM) Board of Directors from 2015-2018.

The company has also received numerous music retail dealer awards and is on the All-time Winners list in the Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin for Best Music Store.

We pride ourselves in how we sell everything from Les Pauls to fine violas to mixing boards and everything in between… And we cater to everyone from total beginners to famous musicians. Our repair department is most likely the largest in Texas... We service everything we sell!

Music Inc Magazine Cover June 2013


Strait Music Company ATX Man Magazine


Indie Austin Newspaper Print Cover



Present Day

Clint Strait now serves as President of the company, while Robert has taken more of an advisory role. Clint and his incredible team run the day to day operations of the company while continually meeting the demands of our ever-changing environment. Strait Music has persevered through two natural disasters and numerous economic recessions in the 1980’s, 2001 and 2008... a testament to the company, but also our loyal customers.

In 6 decades, there have been a handful of acquisitions of local competitors to help build the business, but one thing has always held true… an unbridled passion for customer service, a unique in-store experience, a reputation for great gear at great prices and a fun family atmosphere for employees have made Strait Music the #1 Music store in Austin, Texas and truly a place “where customers become friends”.

Clint and Robert Strait - Strait Music Company Austin TX