Taylor Guitars By Series

Taylor American Dream Series

The American Dream Series

Solid woods, tone-enhancing bracing and clean aesthetics provide the ingredients of inspiration for all types of players.

Taylor Academy Series

Academy Series

The ideal guitars for anyone on a budget, these guitars are perfectly distilled for an inviting and inspiring playing experience.

Taylor 100-Series

100 Series

Solid Sitka spruce and layered walnut deliver quality and value without compromise.

Taylor 200-Series

200 Series

Layered rosewood or koa paired with solid spruce or koa tops set the tone a series of guitars with distinct sounds and stylish looks at an affordable price.

Taylor 300-Series

300 Series

Choose from two clear-voiced solid-wood pairings: sapele with a spruce top, or blackwood with a mahogany top.

Taylor 400-Series

400 Series

The classic rosewood/spruce tonewood pairing yields a rich, textured voice with rich overtones, warm lows and a crisp treble range.

Taylor 500-Series

500 Series

Urban Ironbark's muscular, high-fidelity sound offers remarkable balance and tonal complexity.

Taylor 600-Series

600 Series

Maple’s traditionally bright tone has been revoiced to produce a richer, warmer sound.

Taylor 700-Series

700 Series

Rosewood and Lutz spruce create a bold and dynamic sound.

Taylor 800-Series

800 Series

A venerable family of rosewood/spruce guitars blends tonal sophistication with a seamless playing experience.

Taylor 900-Series

900 Series

The most elegantly appointed of Taylor's rosewood/spruce series blends inspiring tone with design sophistication.

Taylor Koa Series

KOA Series

Hawaiian koa's exotic appeal is enhanced with a beautiful series of all-wood appointments.

Taylor Presentation Series

Presentation Series

The peak of the Taylor line combines our finest visual artistry with the distinctive sound of two truly special tonewoods: Honduran rosewood and sinker redwood.

Taylor GS Mini Series

GS Mini Series

Serving up a ton of tone in a small package, this instrument family also includes a killer small-scale acoustic bass.

Taylor Big Baby Series

Big Baby Series

Perfect for small hands, small spaces or taking music on the road, the Baby Taylor delivers punchy sound in a convenient frame.

Taylor Baby Series

Baby Series

Perfect for small hands, small spaces or taking music on the road, the Baby Taylor delivers punchy sound in a convenient frame.

Taylor T5z Series

T5z Series

The range of T5z variants includes options for top woods and appointments along with a handful of 12-string model.

Taylor Limited & Special Editions

Limited & Special Editions

Taylor limited-edition and special-edition guitars offer unique appeal. The inspiration can come from anywhere — a select batch of striking tonewoods, a new guitar design, or other fresh seasonal specials.

Taylor Custom Collection

Custom Collection

The Taylor Custom program is designed to bring a truly unique instrument to life. With Taylor’s full range of model options, tonewoods, body shapes, aesthetic details and design features, these instruments are built to select specifications to match any playing style and musical sensibilities, producing a one-of-a-kind heirloom-quality instrument. Shop in Stock Custom Taylors.

Ready to Build Your Custom Talor?

Ready to Build Your Custom Guitar?

Let us help you build your dream guitar - Read more about creating your very own Custom Taylor, and contact us today!


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