Voodoo Lab PPAV Output Splitter Adapter (Ground Lifted)


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The Output Splitter Adapter allows two pedals to share a single Pedal Power output. This splitter features a single BLACK 2.1mm barrel plug to two BLACK 2.1mm jacks which connect to any standard power cable with a 2.1mm plug.

The white striped side of the splitter cable is ground lifted to eliminate ground loops. Please note that this splitter will not alter or split the voltage of the original output -- example, one 9V out splits into two 9V outs; one 12V out splits into two 12V outs.

  • Power Supply Connector: 2.1mm Straight Barrel Plug
  • Pedal Connector: Jack for 2.1mm Plug (2)
  • Polarity: Standard (Center Negative)
  • Length: 4 in / 10 cm

Model: PPAV
Manufacturer: Voodoo Lab