D'Addario ETB92 Nylon Tapewound Medium Gauge Long Scale Black Nylon Bass Strings (4-string) 50-105

4 Black Nylon Long

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XL Nylon Tapewound bass strings are the warmest, smoothest bass strings we have to offer. Great for fretted or fretless instruments, these flat wound, silky smooth strings have a distinctively warm, percussive tone, with no finger noise. Made with a high carbon steel core and wrapped in flattened black nylon, our Tapewound strings are polished to an ultra-smooth finish, delivering unrivaled punch, depth, and focus. Made for long scale basses, this 50-105 Medium set has a higher tension, affording increased low-end response and output.

String Gauges:

  • G
  • .050
  • D
  • .065
  • A
  • .085
  • E
  • .105

Model: ETB92
Manufacturer: D'Addario