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Death by Audio 'Echodream 2' Delay


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Echo Dream 2 is a powerful, ethereal delay pedal with otherworldly controls so intuitive the riffs write themselves.

It combines a full 1.2 seconds of lo-fi analog-voiced echo with a powerful asymmetrical modulation engine featuring sine-and square-wave modes, chorus and vibrato, plus a blasted-out fuzz that makes this candy-colored ambient fantasy generator an endlesssource of inspiration for your nightly musical transmission. Push the feedback for vast worlds of colorful oscillating sound.

Conjure up ghastly chorus sounds with the built-in modulator. Pulverize your delay repeats with the Fuzz control or bring it up just a tiny bit for beautifully contrasting dry and echo signals that sit wonderfully in any mix.

Or if your dreams are actually nightmares, stretch the delay chip beyond its natural limits for broken-up fluttering delays, crank the Modulator Depth for vivid asymmetrical pitch shifting, bring up the modulation Speed for wicked psycho pseudo-ring-modulated repeats, or turn up the F Back for screaming self-oscillation.

Want to go full lights-out? The Echo Dream 2 features a dry-kill switch that lets you hear only the delay signal, so patch it into the effects send of your console or DAW and start mixing! A lot of your favorite record producers and live sound engineers already are.

Manufacturer: Death by Audio