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Aquila 24U Ukulele Strings - Baritone (6-String)

6 Nylgut Baritone

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24U Specifications:

  • Model Size:
  • Baritone
  • Tuning:
  • DGBE
  • Composition Set / Single string
  • 6 String Set - DGgBee (3rd and 4th strings wound)


Aquila string sets are made using innovative materials, discovered and perfected in a laboratory after a long period of research and after being thoroughly tested, thus giving rise to a new synthetic product of high technology.


The best sound quality develops when the strings have completely set, which may ordinarily take sometime. To achieve a stable intonation in just a few minutes you can repeatedly pinch each string at midlength with your fingers, pull it decidedly sideways and tune it up again. Stop when the string does not pull out of tune anymore.


Model: 24U
Manufacturer: Aquila