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Ibanez miKro Bass Guitar Gig Bag

Bass Guitar (Short Scale) Gig Bag (Standard)

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The IBBMIKRO gig bag is custom-made for the compact Ibanez miKro bass. Lightweight, secure and perfectly matched for the diminutive yet mighty miKro models, the IBBMIKRO bag is essential for keeping your scaled-down basses as safe as your regular-sized instruments.


Interior Dimensions:

  • Upper Body Width:
  • 315mm
  • Lower Body Length:
  • 450mm
  • Neck Width:
  • 160mm
  • Overall Length:
  • 1035mm
  • Lower Body Width:
  • 345mm
  • Depth:
  • 45mm


Exterior Dimensions:

  • Length:
  • 1050mm
  • Width:
  • 345mm
  • Depth:
  • 65mm
  • Weight:
  • 0.78kg

Manufacturer: Ibanez