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Point Source Audio CO3 Earworn Omnidirectional Mic for Audio Technica Transmitters - Black


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The CO-3 Microphone is Point Source Audio’s entry-level earworn microphone designed for speech reinforcement for church liturgy, lecturing, and other applications that require quality vocal pick up in a hands-free environment. It has an omnidirectional polar pattern which allows a full 360 degree pick up of sound providing a natural blend of voice and ambience.

The design of the CO-3 earworn microphone lends itself to reduced speech produced "popping sounds" and voice overloads in close mic applications and its convenient placement near the mouth greatly reduces noise from wind and clothing. The slim rigid boom has a fixed length and ear-loop is designed to mount onto the left ear. The entire structure is designed to be unobtrusive and low-profile.


  • For Audio Technica Wireless Transmitters
  • Optimized for Speech
  • 4-Pin Hirose Connector
  • Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
  • Left Ear Placement
  • Low-Profile Design

Model: CO3ATBL
Manufacturer: Point Source