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Radial Engineering Power 1 - Surge Suppressor & Power Conditioner


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The Radial Engineering Power-1 is clean power conditioning unit in a rugged rackmount enclosure, providing anyone with valuable electronic gear and audio equipment with superior filtering against interference along with peace-of-mind surge protection.


Power 1 Features:

  • 8 outlets on rear (4 with wall-wart spacing)
  • 3 outlets on front (with wall-wart spacing)
  • USB charging for personal devices
  • Protection active LED indicator
  • Illuminated power switch
  • Made in USA ‘MOV’ (Metal-Oxide Varistor)
  • High rejection RF interference filter
  • Front panel USB charging port
  • Multiple front and rear outlets with wall-wart spacing
  • Built ‘Radial tough’ to handle years of touring use



Designed without compromise by Radial
Radial power clean surge suppressors give musicians, engineers, producers, studio owners, commercial facilities, and anyone working with valuable electronic equipment protection from power surges that can damage or destroy music equipment instantaneously. Eight rear panel outlets are provided (four with wall-wart spacing to accommodate any PSU size), along with three front panel outlets and a USB charging port to easily power personal devices. A heavy-duty power on/off switch, rugged outlet connectors, and steel construction ensure that the Power-1 performs night after night without fail.

Low noise, High level of confidence
Unlike competitive products that utilize low quality MOV's (Metal Oxide Varistor) for surge protection, both Radial Power units are built using a USA made MOV. This critical component has been proven to offer superior thermal protection and have a much longer lifespan than the alternatives. Both units utilize shunt mode technology and are non-ground contaminating for lower system noise. A high-rejection RF interference filter is used to keep high frequencies and AM radio signals out of the power line, preventing contamination of audio signals.



  • Load Rating:
  • 15 Amps
  • Max Continuous Operating Voltage:
  • 130V-rms
  • Energy Dissipation:
  • 210 Joules
  • Peak Impulse Current:
  • 20,000 Amps
  • Noise Attenuation:
  • Differential-mode = 19 dB at 100 kHz, 41 dB at 1 MHz, and 42 dB at 10 MHz
    Common-mode = 10 dB at 100 kHz, 41 dB at 1 MHz, and 50 dB at 10 MHz
  • Surge Protection Method:
  • Single mode, line to neutral
  • Power Cable:
  • Approx. 9ft., grounded 3-wire, 14 AWG


Model: POWER1
Manufacturer: Radial Engineer