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Death by Audio Reverberation Machine


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The Reverberation Machine has one job, and that’s make you sound incredible. Try it as a subtle always-on ‘verb or experiment with pushing the Altitude higher to blast your reverb signal into distorted gloom and lo-fi sheen. The tone-toggle switch selects between swampy cavernous ambience or bright, splashy reverb with exciting upper-harmonic sparkle.

The VOL control adjusts the output volume which lets you push the front end of your amp even harder past unity gain and beyond. Crank it to push gutsy reverb sounds to the front of the mix, surging from your speakers with elevated ambience and a lush, natural decay.

The control adjusts the Reverberation Machine’s ALTITUDE setting, which is similar to gain on a distortion pedal and blankets the reverb trails with blossoming fuzzy warmth an harmonics for an unmistakable and unforgettable effect. The Dark / Light toggle switch selects between the two reverb voices–dark and cavernous or drippy spring–and the knob labeled VERB controls the wet/dry mix, size, and density of the reverb.

In true Death By Audio fashion, the VERB control goes all the way to 125% wet for trippy psyched-out reverbs that are louder than the input! This thing gets intense!

Manufacturer: Death by Audio