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Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Set


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Superbly Playable



Reproducing the way an acoustic drum behaves when struck is a key factor in the playability of electronic drums.

Our electronic drums feature a sound module that covers the full range of sound from the initial attack to the final cutoff, all based on samples of authentic drums tuned by a skilled engineer. We have carried out exhaustive testing of how acoustic drums respond when they’re hit to help achieve a truly faithful representation of drum behavior. Moreover, professional drummers from around the world have evaluated the performance of the DTX-PRO, allowing us to improve its expressive capabilities even further. The wealth of expertise we have acquired as a manufacturer of music hardware has allowed us to offer combinations of expertly-crafted modules and pads that deliver superb playability.

High-Performance Sound Engine

The high-performance sound engine equipping the DTX-PRO leverages the technologies that Yamaha has acquired over decades of making musical instruments of all kinds. With authentic acoustic and live drum sounds, the same high-end effects found in professional-grade synthesizers and audio equipment and effect control functions that let you recreate the techniques of elite drummers with a single knob, the sound engine in the DTX-PRO even recreates the process of creating sound in recording studios and live performance scenarios.

Yamaha drum pads feature pad-sensing technologies that respond with precise accuracy to the actions of the player delivering the ultimate in expressive capability reflected in the sound.

Reliable Yamaha Hardware

Yamaha is also an acoustic drum maker trusted by many professional drummers for its robustness, ease of use and stability.

Training Functions to Support Drummers

The wealth of practice functions featured in DTX Drums are also found in the DTX-PRO. Make the most of a sophisticated, programmable metronome, recorder function, 10 training functions ideal for developing a sense of rhythm, as well as 37 training songs that allow you to learn various genres. Beginners and professionals alike will find the DTX6 training functions a useful aid for daily practice.

Professional-Grade Headphone Amp

Offering high-precision, low-distortion, low-noise and high-power components, the headphone amplifier circuit delivers high-fidelity sound directly to the player and has been developed exclusively for electronic drums. Effectively combining a range of Yamaha circuit technologies with the power circuit provided independently for the headphone amplifier produces a powerful, high-quality sound that envelops the player in realistic drum tones.

Includes Cubase AI

The DTX-PRO comes equipped with music production software, Cubase AI, and includes information so users can download the latest version.

Connect the DTX-PRO to your PC with a USB cable to perform the recording, editing and mixing tasks that are the heart of music production—all in one software program.


Yamaha DTX6K-X Pad Layout


  • Create your own unique sounds with AMBIENCE, COMP and EFFECT kit modifier knobs
  • TCS heads help to achieve a pleasing, natural feel and rebound that makes you want to keep playing
  • 3-Zone pads for the snare and ride cymbals that can be choked and muted
  • Ride cymbal equipped with hit point detection function


DTX6k-X Includes:
  • Module: DTX-PRO
  • Snare: XP80 (8-inch) TCS head 3-zone pad
  • Tom 1, 2: TP70 (7-inch) Rubber head 1-zone pad
  • Floor Tom: TP70 (7-inch) Rubber head 1-zone pad
  • Bass Drum: KP65 (5-inch) Rubber pad, double foot pedal compatible
  • Hi-Hat: 10-inch pad and HH65 hi-hat controller
  • Crash Cymbal 1: 10-inch pad with "choke" ability
  • Ride Cymbal: PCY135 (13-inch) 3-zone pad
  • Rack System: DTX6K-X rack

Model: DTX6KX
Manufacturer: Yamaha