BASIC RENTAL PACKAGE: Your rental package includes the instrument, associated accessories (i.e., mouthpiece, ligature, and bow), a disaster and theft replacement agreement (DTA), and a repair-maintenance agreement (RMA).

DISASTER & THEFT REPLACEMENT AGREEMENT (DTA): If your instrument is destroyed by fire/flood or is stolen through forced entry during the term of your rental, it will either be replaced with like-condition merchandise or the rental agreement will be cancelled at the company’s discretion. There are two essential conditions that apply to the DTA: (1) your rental payments must stay current at all times previous to the loss, and (2) you must provide us with a notarized police report to substantiate the event of natural disaster or forced entry. There is no loss deductible dollar amount. Theft by forced entry does not include mysterious disappearance from school band or orchestra rooms, lockers or any circumstances in which breaking and entering is not a factor. This agreement does not cover the loss of accessories not on contract. Should your instrument be destroyed by fire/flood or lost due to forced entry, you must provide our accounting department with a notarized police report within 14 working days of the incident. The DTA covers only the items on contract.

REPAIR MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT (RMA): During the term of your rental we will maintain the instrument in playing condition provided damages are not willful or due to negligence. Maintenance coverage shall include: non-cosmetic dents on brass instruments, repair of cracked joints on wooden band instruments, replacement of broken bridges or tuning pegs on violins, violas, cellos and basses, repair of string instrument bows, general adjustments, and alignments that ensure your instrument’s playability. The RMA does not include the restoration of finishes.  There will be a $10.00 co-pay for any repair costs for all customers not on autopay. As in the DTA above, your rental payments must be current at all times for the RMA to be honored. Our company or our designated agent must make any and all repairs. No other repair shop may work on this instrument and any repairs, damages or alterations so incurred shall be fully chargeable to the customer. A predetermined portion of your monthly rental fee is applied to maintain your DTA and RMA. This RMA only covers the items on contract. There will be a $25.00 fee for all cases returned with stickers and/or permanent markings.

AUTOPAY: If you sign up for automatic payments (Autopay) we will waive the $10.00 copay on all repairs. If you decide to discontinue Autopay and switch to manual payments you will be required to pay the $10.00 copay on subsequent repairs.

MONTH TO MONTH RENTAL RENEWAL OPTION: To automatically renew your rental on a monthly basis, simply mail us your monthly payment or be enrolled in Autopay via credit card.

BASE MONTHLY RENT: Your BASE MONTHLY RENT is defined as your monthly rental fee less the monthly DTA-RMA fee.

INSTRUMENT PURCHASE OPTION: You have purchased the instrument and taken ownership when your base monthly rental fees equal the total replacement cost. When and if the customer chooses to buy their rented instrument outright before the contract has fully matured, they shall receive a 30% discount off the remaining principle balance.  The principle balance shall be calculated by taking the replacement cost listed on the reverse side of this contract minus the total of the base monthly rental fees. Should you choose to buy what we classify as a qualifying step-up instrument, your accrued base monthly rental fees will be honored as credit towards the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, but the total accrued base monthly rental fee credit shall not exceed the total for 12 month’s base monthly rent.  Accrued base monthly rental fees may not be applied towards an instrument of a different type (i.e. a trumpet for a flute).

STRING INSTRUMENT EXCHANGE OPTION: If your child’s teacher requests a larger sized stringed instrument during your rental period (example: move from a ½ to a ¾ violin) then you may exchange instruments. Exchanges must be made and documented by a representative of Strait Music Company. The larger instrument must be the same price or greater than the previously rented instrument. We will apply 100% of your base monthly rental payments (excluding taxes, fees, and RMA) towards the larger instrument. Rental rates in effect at the time of exchange will apply.

RETURN OPTION: You may return your instrument at any time and the rental agreement will be terminated. To exercise the RETURN OPTION you must present your instrument to one of our representatives at one of our Austin locations. All returns must be documented and a receipt secured by the customer. DO NOT return your instrument to the school or band director. If a security deposit was required at initiation, we are entitled to use it towards any outstanding balance at the time of return/termination. As long as the instrument is returned in acceptable condition, the security deposit will be refunded within 21 days of the actual return date, less any fees owed.  Strait Music does not prorate partial month’s rent at time of return.

AUTHORIZATION OF CHARGE CARD: By signing this contract you authorize the company to bill any and all payments due on the cards provided on the reverse side of this contract. Accounts with balances past due over 30 days may be charged without notice at that time.

AUTHORIZATIONS FOR LATE CHARGES AND PICK-UP (IN CASE OF DELINQUENCY): The rental instrument remains the property of Strait Music Company until you exercise the PURCHASE OPTION. In the case of payment delinquencies, a Strait Music representative may pick up the instrument from the school, residence or other mutually designated location. If any payment is more than 10 days late, the company may charge a late fee equal to 5% of the payment or $5.00, whichever is less.

CREDIT INQUIRY: In signing this document, you authorize the company to make whatever credit inquires we deem necessary in connection with this rental agreement. You understand that the company will retain this credit application whether or not it is approved. You also authorize Strait Music Company to answer third-party inquiries about our credit relationship with you.

STATE LAW: This agreement is governed by the laws of Texas and is subject in whole or in part to Texas law which is enforced by the Consumer Credit Commissioner at 2601 North Lamar, Austin, Texas 78705. Telephone (512) 479-1285.

EMAIL/TEXT: By supplying us your email, you agree to receive notifications on your account, promotional messages, coupons, offers, and helpful information sent via email. However, we keep your information confidential and do not sell it to any third parties. We also reserve the right to correct mathematical errors caused by our computer system or staff, but will notify you via email of any changes of this nature. By signing this agreement, you also agree to allow us to text you to communicate about past-due and/or declined monthly payments.

EXTENDED MAINTENANCE ENROLLMENT: When a contract becomes fully paid off, customers will be automatically enrolled in our Extended Maintenance Program (EMP).  This gives customers similar RMA coverage for $8 + tax billed monthly, beginning on your next traditional payment due date.  Additional terms and conditions apply.  Every fully paid rental account customer will be notified both by mail and email at their provided points of contact about their enrollment in EMP, its full terms and conditions and the subsequent future charges associated with EMP.  EMP can be cancelled at any time, but will be the customer’s responsibility to notify Strait Music in which to do so.  Strait Music will only refund a maximum of two month’s EMP payments ONLY if a customer has had no EMP repairs. The customer must request a refund within 7 days of the second month’s payment being charged. We do not offer any EMP on any percussion instruments.