Offworld Percussion OLL Outlander Large Practice Pad - 11.5"


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For the promising student, or the traveling player seeking a more portable and budget conscious entry into the OffWorld Percussion universe, we offer the Outlander™. The Outlander™ features an OffWorld Percussion signature DarkMatter™ surface, and is complimented with a firm non-slip neoprene bottom that is stiff enough to use as a quiet option for late night sessions.

The Outlander™ Large measures 11.5″ in diameter and weighs just about 3 pounds, the perfect balance between size and function.

OLL Features:

  • Equipped with OffWorld's trademark Darkmatter™ formula as championed by the INVADER™ V3 series.
  • Featuring Offworld's patented Rims™ component, complimented by a non-slip neoprene base and a flashy logo badge.
  • 11.5" Diameter - Lightweight, ultra-portable, and affordable.
  • A great rudimental implement for fledgling players, also a compact and mobile practice tool for the pros.

Model: OLL
Manufacturer: Offworld Percus