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Shure SM7B Large Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone


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Whether it’s broadcast, podcast or recording, voices need to be handled with care. When purified and polished, every detail has more impact. That’s why the SM7B was built, to capture smooth, warm vocals that connect the speaker to the listener.

The SM7B is highly shielded against electrical interference, and includes bass roll-off and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display, and internal "air suspension" shock isolation.

It ships with a standard windscreen and an A7WS detachable windscreen for close-talk applications.



There just aren’t that many products that have delivered for so many generations in so many different fields. Technology has marched on, but the physics of the human voice have not. The SM7 sounded amazing back in 1973, and the SM7B still sounds amazing today.


Streamer Using SM7B

Streaming the Future

Most Twitch and YouTube content isn’t being recorded in a studio – it’s being made in bedrooms, basements and everywhere else you can think of with little or no acoustic treatment. That would spell disaster for a sensitive condenser mic, which would pick up every unwanted sound. But it’s no problem at all for the SM7B, because it zooms in on the voice alone. So, when you watch someone playing Fortnite online, you’re not hearing their fingers mashing the buttons – just their commentary on the game.


In the box:
  • 1 - A7WS Detachable Windscreen
  • 1 - RPM602 Switch Cover Plate

Model: SM7B
Manufacturer: Shure