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Radial Engineering Bigshot I/O True Bypass Instrument Selector


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True-bypass Instrument Selector

The Radial BigShot i/o is an easy to use instrument selector that lets you quickly transition between any two instruments and send the output signal to your amp. Because the i/o is 100% true-bypass, it addresses the needs of the most demanding purist.

  • Toggle between two instruments with a single foot stomp
  • Adjustable volume control to match instrument levels
  • True-bypass operation retains the tone of the instruments
  • Separate tuner output and mute footswitch for silent tuning

Easy instrument changeovers on stage

The BigShot i/o allows you to switch between instruments on stage without pops through your amp or the need to adjust levels, while featuring 100% true-bypass for the most demanding purist. Input-2 is equipped with a volume control that lets you reduce the input sensitivity of the louder instrument so that the levels are matched when played through your amplifier. When passive instruments are used, a unique three-position Bright switch lets you compensate for instruments that lack shine in the high frequencies.

The BigShot i/o is also equipped with a separate tuner output; with a simple foot stomp, the sound going to the amp is muted and diverted to the tuner for quiet on-stage adjustments.

Footswitch turns the output jack off for silent on-stage tuning through the tuner output.

Switch determines whether the tuner output is on all the time or only when mute footswitch is depressed.

Mute LED
Lets you know when mute is activated.

Bypass switch for the Trim level control.

Input-2 Level
Control lets you reduce the level of the instrument connected to Input-2

Three position switch counteracts any effects from the INPUT-2 level control circuit and the capacitive filtering effects from long cables.

Footswitch toggles INPUT-1 and 2 to select the desired instrument.

Extra Durable
Switches with metal outer casing are rated at over 20,000 cycles for added durability.

Passive and Active Bass Switching

Using the i/o with passive and active bass

Output levels vary dramatically between an active bass and a passive one making it difficult to switch without adjusting the amp level. Solve the problem by connecting your passive bass to input-1 and your high output active bass to input-2. Use the level control to match.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Switching

Switching between acoustic and electric guitars

Multi-instrumentalists are often forced to switch between electric and acoustic guitars or between other instruments. The BigShot i/o makes it easy! Use input-1 for the electric and lower the sensitivity on input-2 for your acoustic to balance the signals.

Two Electric Guitars Switching

Using the i/o with two electric guitars

Switching between a Strat® and a Les Paul® is easy! Plug the two guitars into the i/o and hit the toggle switch to select. Tame down the Les Paul using the input-B level control. Connect your tuner for quiet onstage tuning using the mute footswitch.

Model: R8007212
Manufacturer: Radial Engineer