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Protec T1 - 2 Section Trolley With Telescoping Handle


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Protec's lightweight 2-Section Trolley features a sturdy base that expands for bigger cases and adjusts to multiple heights. Compatible with the following models:

T1 Trolley Features:

  • IP301D – IPAC Double Trumpet Case
  • IP301T – IPAC Triple Trumpet Case
  • IP301Q – IPAC Quad Trumpet Case
  • PB301F – Flugel / Trumpet Combination Case
  • PB316SBDLX – French Horn Screw Bell Deluxe PRO PAC
  • PBTRIALT – TRI PAC Case for Alto Sax, Clarinet, & Flute
  • PB317 – Bassoon PRO PAC Case

Model: T1
Manufacturer: Protec