Cre8 Audio - Nifty Bundle Modular Synth with Sequencer


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Question: What’s better than super cool modular synth case?
Answer: A super cool modular synth case, 2 modules, and some cables.

The NiftyBUNDLE comes with a whole mess of synthy fun. Case, modules, power, MIDI to CV, and enough patch cables to get into trouble are all included.

NiftyCASE - powered modular case with MIDI to CV
At 84hp wide it isn’t super tiny or super huge, in fact, it’s just right for all of the cardboard boxes we bought to ship it to you in. Aside from the 84hp width NiftyCASE features ample +12v -12v and +5v power for your modules. It will also take Din MIDI from any DIN MIDI device and USB MIDI from your computer and turn it into eurorack compatible CV, gate, mod, and clock. It’s Nifty…..

Chipz - dual VCO and LFO
3 Oscilator Chip Tune Module:
chip1 - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
chip2 - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise
LFO - sine, triangle, saw, square, noise

Cellz - programmable CV touch pad
Cellz is a dual unipolar control voltage generator where each of the 16 touch sensitive pads can be “fed” two 12bit values (semi-tone quantized or free scale), ranging from 0V to 10V.

Box 'o' Cables
It’s a box with 3 pairs (2x 45cm, 2x 35cm, 2x 20cm) cables of different lengths with 3.5mm mono/ts ends.



Manufacturer: Cre8 Audio