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Tama HP30 Single Bass Drum Pedal


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The HP30 Single Bass Drum Pedal's power cam offers increased power and speed as the beater reaches the end of the stroke. The beater angle can be easily adjusted, a feature that is usually found only on more expensive bass drum pedals. The DS30 beater offers two different sounds: by rotating the beater head, you can choose felt for a softer controlled sound, or plastic for a louder and punchier sound.

You won't find adjustable beater/footboard angles on most bass drum pedals in this price range. Tama's HP30 pedals come standard with an angle adjustment system linked to the footboard angle. So you can easily recall your favorite angle setting.

Inspired by Iron Cobra's "Spring Tight" feature, a specially-shaped nut on the HP30 pedal prevents the spring unit from loosening.

Model: HP30
Manufacturer: Tama