Roland SPD-SX Hybrid Sampling Pad


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Since 2011, the SPD-SX has been a mainstay on professional stages worldwide, its distinctive profile regularly seen beside both digital and hybrid drum kits. This landmark Roland instrument sparked the sampling pad revolution with a wide range of tracks, clicks, loops, and one-shot sounds stored inside. Drummers and performing musicians can record, store, and trigger any type of sound on command—easing the burden of making live performances sound like the original recordings. Along with its sampling and import features, the SPD-SX comes with versatile preset kits and a large pre-loaded sample library, including loops, one-shot sounds, and melodic phrases to spark ideas and create music right away.



  • 16 GB internal memory provides onboard storage for up to 25 hours of stereo samples
  • Nine responsive rubber pads with velocity sensitivity
  • Two dual-trigger inputs for up to four external pads (Y-cable required)
  • Supports 16-bit/44.1 kHz WAV/AIFF audio for crystal-clear sound
  • Real-time audio sampling directly into the pad via mic or line inputs
  • Tweak samples with powerful onboard audio editing tools
  • Three effects engines: Master Effect and two Kit Effects
  • Control effects in real-time with two knobs and dedicated preset effect buttons
  • Dynamic LED indicators show individual pad status and audio levels while performing
  • Support for up to two external footswitches
  • USB Memory port for importing sounds and saving settings via flash media
  • USB Computer port for audio/MIDI transfer and sound import/export
  • Wave Manager software (macOS and Windows) for importing, assigning, and organizing samples and kits
  • Large backlit LCD


Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad Overview

Since its release in 2011, the SPD-SX can be found in setups ranging from mini kits in the homes of social media streamers to the stages of sold-out stadiums. And the pad fits seamlessly into hybrid and electronic kits alike.



Roland SPD-SX & SPD-SX PRO Sampling Pad Comparison

Whether playing the beloved SPD-SX or the flagship SPD-SX PRO, drummers will be blown away by each pad’s sounds and capabilities. With advanced triggering and sampling technology, these pads fit perfectly into both electronic and hybrid setups—from the live stage to the recording studio, DJ booth, or home music room.



Chris "Woody" Wood, drummer for Bastille, and Hybrid Drums

On the Vancouver, Canada stop of Bastille’s North American tour, Woody took us behind the drum set. Tasked with bringing iconic Bastille album sounds, samples and loops to every show, Woody delivers with a massive hybrid drum setup.




Building on the capabilities of its trailblazing SPD-S predecessor, the SPD-SX set the bar as the industry-standard sampling pad. Filled with pro features, this powerful pad has become an essential companion for drummers and all sorts of creative stage performers. It’s also built to thrive on the road—taking a beating night after night, on and off stage. Whether you rock out locally on the weekends or perform in sold-out stadiums, the SPD-SX won’t let you down.


Sample, Import, and Trigger Audio
The SPD-SX puts a universe of sounds under your sticks. Trigger an entire track, song part, effect, click track, or one-shot sound with a single pad strike. Then take control over how the audio plays back. From playing covers at clubs and functions to reproducing original song tracks on concert stages, it’s easy to bring studio-level sounds to your live performances.

Velocity-Sensitive Pads
The SPD-SX has nine velocity-sensitive rubber pads, and any sound can be assigned to any pad. When you play the pads lightly, the sound plays back quietly. And when you’re ready to wail, play heavier hits for more volume. Alternatively, you can set a pad to fixed velocity, so the volume stays the same no matter how hard you play.

LED Indicators
Each SPD-SX pad features a red LED indicator for onstage visibility and pad status. And to meet your performance needs, you can set the LEDs to behave in different ways. Assign them for fixed on/off status or make them appear only when the pad’s audio is playing. Or set them to illuminate dynamically with audio activity, similar to level meters on a mixing console.

Storage and Sounds
You can never have too many sounds, right? With 16 GB of storage, the SPD-SX supports up to 25 hours of stereo audio (50 hours of mono) in 16-bit/44.1 kHz WAV/AIFF format. The pad comes pre-loaded with 210 samples to get you started, including loops, one-shots, and melodic phrases. And there are 100 kits for storing your custom layouts, including 16 presets. And when you’re ready for more, visit Roland Cloud to dive into an ever-expanding range of samples and loops for every musical style.

With the deep sampling features in the SPD-SX, you can easily capture your own unique sounds. Connect a mic or mono/stereo line-level device to the analog inputs or plug in a computer via USB. Then use Basic Sampling to capture a sound to the pad of your choice or Multi-Pad Sampling to record audio to multiple pads. It’s even possible to re-sample a performance within the SPD-SX, complete with effects processing.

Playback Types
Once your sounds are loaded in, control how they play back with three customizable modes: Single, Phrase, and Loop. Choose Single for basic percussion sounds like drum hits and claps, and select Phrase for longer files that need to play once and stop at the end. Or choose Loop to play a file from start to finish and seamlessly loop the audio again.

Trigger Types
Want even more control over audio? No problem. You can select the trigger type when a pad is played. Choose Shot to play the audio each time a pad is struck. Alt plays or stops the audio each time the pad is hit. When you need maximum flexibility, trigger types can be used in conjunction with playback types. And lightning-fast triggering will keep you on the beat.

Life on the road moves fast, and sometimes you need to edit sounds on the fly. Thanks to the SPD-SX’s onboard editing tools, you can tweak samples without using a DAW. Trim samples, set start/stop points, adjust volume and pitch, and more. It’s also possible to splice multiple samples together or split a single file into individual samples for assignment to different pads.

Adding Effects
Harness the power of the three effects engines within the SPD-SX. You can use two effects engines simultaneously: master effects and kit effects. The master engine applies to all kits and has 21 different types to amp up your performance. Three common master effect presets on the front panel apply filters, delays, and short loops to any audio playing from the pad at that time. The two assignable kit effects will sound when you play a pad within a chosen kit patch, and you can turn them on and off for full control.

In and Out
Playing live requires many connections, and the SPD-SX makes getting sounds in and out of the pad simple. Dig into a range of outputs for easy mixing and monitoring. Load, organize, and record sounds with a USB connection and SPD-SX Wave Manager software. And expand your rig with up to four external pads, two footswitches, and accessories.

Audio Outputs
With a range of flexible output and routing options, you can seamlessly send pad sounds to different locations for mixing and monitoring. Use the master left/right outputs to send stereo audio or two mono feeds to the mixing desk. Send sound to the monitoring engineer or band members with the left/right sub outputs. And keep tabs on your setup or monitor a click track via headphones.

Connect the SPD-SX to your computer via a USB cable for effortless recording with any DAW. You can connect with MIDI using a USB cable too. With legacy MIDI in/out, take control of software instruments, other gear on stage, and automation software like Ableton.

Easy Sound Import
There are two ways to quickly transfer audio files to the SPD-SX. Load the files onto a USB flash drive and copy them across. Or use the free SPD-SX Wave Manager to drag and drop audio from a computer to individual pads. The software also includes intuitive tools to back up your work and organize kits for different gigs.

Essential Accessories
The SPD-SX plays well with accessories. Mount the pad to a PDS-20 or PDS-10 stand for gigging. Or grab an APC-33 clamp and mounting plate to attach it to a cymbal stand. Expand your trigger options with up to four external pads and two footswitches. And protect your instrument on the road with the CB-BSPDSX carrying bag.



  • PadsBuilt-in Pads:
  • 9 (with LED Indicators)
    * Two external trigger inputs are provided, allowing you to connect up to four Pads.
  • Maximum Polyphony
  • 20 voices
    * Maximum polyphony becomes 16 voices according as an operating state.
  • Number of Recordable Wave Data
  • 10,000
    * Including preload wave data.
  • Sampling Time (Total time for all wave data)
  • Approx. 25 hours of stereo audio (50 hours of mono)
    * Since the internal memory included with the SPD-SX contains preloaded data, the available sampling time will be less than the time above.
  • Data Format
  • 16-bit linear PCM (WAV/AIFF)
  • Sampling Frequency
  • 44.1 kHz
  • Kits
  • 100
  • Kit Chain
  • 8 chains (20 steps per chain)
  • Effects
  • Master Effects (21 Types)
    Kit Effect 1 (20 Types)
    Kit Effect 2 (20 Types)
  • Display
  • Graphic LCD 128 x 64 dots
  • Connectors
  • PHONES jack (Stereo 1/4-inch phone type)
    MASTER OUT jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
    SUB OUT jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type)
    AUDIO IN jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4-inch phone type) (with LINE-MIC GAIN control)
    TRIG IN jacks (1/2, 3/4) (1/4-inch TRS phone type)
    FOOT SW jack (1/2) (1/4-inch TRS phone type)
    MIDI connectors (IN, OUT)
    DC IN jack
    COMPUTER connector
    USB MEMORY connector
  • Interface
  • Hi-Speed USB (USB-MIDI, USB-AUDIO, USB Mass Storage Class, USB Flash Drive)
  • Power Supply
  • DC 9 V (AC Adaptor)
  • Current Draw
  • 600 mA
  • Accessories
  • CD-ROM (SPD-SX Wave Manager, USB driver, preload wave data)
    Owner's Manual
    AC Adaptor



  • Options (sold separately)
  • Pads (PD series, PDX series)
    Cymbals (CY series)
    Kick Triggers (KD series)
    Pad Stand (PDS-10)
    All-Purpose Clamp (APC-33)
    Acoustic Drum Trigger (RT-30H, RT-30HR, RT-30K)
    Pedal Switch (DP-2)
    Footswitch (BOSS FS-5U, BOSS FS-6)
    Personal Drum Monitor (PM-10, PM-30)
    USB Flash Memory

    * Use USB Flash Memory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.


Size and Weight:

  • Width
  • 364 mm | 14-3/8 inches
  • Depth
  • 331 mm | 13-1/16 inches
  • Height
  • 94 mm | 3-3/4 inches
  • Weight
  • 2.5 kg | 5 lbs. 9 oz.

Model: SPDSX
Manufacturer: Roland