Innovative Percussion IP240 Soloist Series Marimba Mallets - Medium Yarn (Pair)


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The Soloist Series IP240 medium yarn marimba mallets bring together quality material and construction you can rely on to help perfect your playing.

The medium 100% wool yarn creates warm tones in nearly any octave of the marimba. The yarn, wrapped around a hard rubber core, makes the IP240 resonate sweetly and sustain on marimbas. Polished birch handles put the control firmly in your hands.

The same care and precision you put into music preparation is used for crafting the Innovative Percussion Soloist Series mallets.

The IP240 mallets sound great at all registers of the marimba, and are a great choice in both solo literature or educational settings! The IP240 is identical to the IP240N except for the polished birch shafts.

Innovative Percussion IP240 Soloist Mallet

Innovative Percussion IP240 Soloist Mallet

Model: IP240
Manufacturer: Innovative