On-Stage XCG-4 Classic Guitar Stand


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Our Best-selling guitar stand!

Keep a guitar at the ready, safe, and blemish free with our XCG-4 Classic Guitar Stand.

The height-adjustable upper yoke and swiveling lower yoke fit any traditionally shaped guitar including acoustic, electric, and bass. Padding on the yokes protects the guitar's finish and a security strap on the upper yoke prevents the guitar from being bumped off the stand.

A wide tripod base provides stability and balance for dependable guitar support. For efficient storage and transportation, the base folds down and the lower yoke detaches.

  • Shaft locks into a groove that keeps the upper yoke centered to balance the guitar
  • Lower yoke swivels to adjust to various guitar-body shapes
  • Padding: EVA Rubber
  • Height Adj: 19.25" - 24"

Model: XCG4
Manufacturer: On Stage Stands