Voodoo Lab PPEH24 Voltage Doubler Cable - 18V or 24V Reverse Polarity


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For pedals with higher voltage requirements, the Voltage Doubler cable will combine two 9V or 12V Pedal Power outputs to create a single 18V or 24V output. This adapter features two BLACK 2.1mm barrel plugs to a single RED 2.5mm plug for use with center-positive (reverse polarity) pedals.



  • Combines voltage of two Pedal Power isolated outs
  • Reverse polarity for center-positive effects
  • Custom-designed by Voodoo Lab for optimal performance with Pedal Power
  • Nickel-plated barrel plugs secure solid connections between power supply and effects
  • 22-gauge copper wire for superior current handling
  • Coaxial design allows greater cable flexibility
  • Durable PVC insulation ensures long cable life

Model: PPEH24
Manufacturer: Voodoo Lab