Cello Accessory Bundle

Dark Rosin Guard + Polish Cloth

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Cello Accessory Bundle

The perfect companion bundle for cello players! Keep your cello maintained and ready to play with these carefully curated accessories to help you get the best from your instrument.


Bundle Includes:

  • D'Addario DRGBK-VR300 Rosin Guard with Dark Rosin
  • Strait Music Logo Polish Cloth


Bundle Details


D'Addario DRGBK-VR300 Rosin Guard with Dark Rosin
Shock-absorbent guard that protects rosin from breakage, extending the life of each rosin cake. Includes, and is refillable with, D'Addario Natural Dark Rosin. D'Addario's Rosin Guard helps players extend the life of their rosin by keeping it secure on all sides. The comfortable shock-absorbent grip allows for easy and effective application to the bow while the magnetic backing makes sure the Rosin Guard is always within reach.


  • Shock absorbent design
  • Secure magnetic attachment
  • Comfortable grip for easy application
  • Sterilizable & dishwasher safe (remove rosin before dishwashing)


Strait Music Logo Polish Cloth
The Strait Music Untreated Polish Cloth is made from high-quality cotton flannel. It picks up dust and dirt effectively without harming your instrument's finish.

Manufacturer: Strait Music