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J. Rockett Audio Designs Univerb Vintage Style Vibrato and Chorus with Reverb

Chorus & Vibrato

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The Uni-Verb is a 5 year project to try and capture the sound of the original. To make it even better we have added a Reverb meant to emulate a classic spring tank reverb from the 50’s. It is always best to have the Uni-Verb effect first in the chain and Reverb last in the chain so we have built in a loop to allow you to do so. The originals had a rocker switch to select either vibe or chorus but we have added a foot switch so it can be done on the fly. We paid special attention to making the vibe section very musical and useable compared to the original. The Univerb vibes faster and slower than the original and also has slightly more output.


  • Use this to blend your dry signal with your wet signal. The wetter the mix the more apparent the chorus effect is. You will find the perfect blend for your needs but don’t be afraid to go over the top. This only controls the mix of the chorus and not the vibe.
  • Use this to control the pedal’s output level.
  • Use this to control the speed of the vibe or chorus.
  • Use this to control the intensity of the vibe or chorus. The higher up this knob is set will affect the turnaround which can be made intense and almost choppy or subtle and smooth.
  • Use this to control the intensity of the Reverb.
  • Use this to control the length of the Reverb trail.
  • Mono input
  • Mono Output
  • The classic version of this pedal ran at 24v using a fixed power cable. We have designed the UNI-VERB to run off of a standard (Negative tip) 9v feed but utilizing a charge pump internally to bump it up to 24v.

    This way you can use your standard 9v input with no worries at all, no special cables or power supplies. You can also use something like the Voodoo Labs linear power supply.
  • Engages the Reverb
  • ON/OFF (Chorus/Vibe)
  • Engages the Chorus or Vibe
  • Allows you to switch between chorus and vibe on the fly You can run the Reverb by itself or the Chorus/Vibe by itself or both together, your choice.

Manufacturer: JRockett