Salyers Etude Series Poly Ball Hard Xylophone/Bell Mallets


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Salyers Percussion Etude Series Poly Ball Xylophone/Bell Mallets feature full-sized polyethylene heads that create a very bright, sharp attack on the xylophone* and a lighter, more reserved sound on the glockenspiel without a great deal of contact noise.

These mallets are made with lacquered birch shafts for the greatest possible control over accuracy while making them strong to withstand the indelicate hands of inexperienced players.

Etude Series Mallets are designed for beginning percussion students and band directors who need quality products at a low price.

*Be careful when using these mallets on rosewood xylophone bars - they will dent or splinter the bars if too much power is used.


  • Full-Sized Polyethylene Heads
  • Crystal Clear on Xylophone
  • Medium-Bright on Bells
  • Go-To Bell Mallet
  • Lacquered Birch Shafts
  • Designed for Beginners

Model: E80
Manufacturer: Salyers