Qu-Bit Cascade Ratcheting Envelope Generator

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Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator, VCA, and sound source all within a compact form factor. The unique interactions of its feature set open up new worlds of rhythmic patching and modulation. Easily create ratcheting sequences, bouncy-ball modulation, and pumping compression, all within a single module.

At its core, Cascade is a powerful envelope generator, which is normaled to a high fidelity 2164 based VCA. You can patch in external audio to the VCA, or take advantage of 4 internal audio algorithms: white noise, 808 kick and hi-hat, and a high frequency sine tone. Cascade will open up your system in ways that make you wonder how you ever lived without it.


  • Envelope output and internal audio generated at 96kHz
  • High fidelity 2164 based analog VCA topology
  • Analog signal path with digital control for envelope following, compression, and classic VCA behaviors
  • Snappy envelopes all the way down to 500 microseconds in length
  • Reprogrammable via the Daisy ecosystem


  • Width
  • 10HP
  • Depth
  • 28mm
  • Power Consumption
  • +12V=131mA, -12V=40mA, +5V=0mA

Manufacturer: Qu-Bit