Roland TR-06 Drumatix - Roland Boutique TR-606 Replica Drum Sequencer


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Authentic TR-606. And so much more.

The TR-06 is a detailed replica of the classic Roland TR-606—with some major modern upgrades. Our new Roland Boutique version has the distinctive tone and iconic look of the original, with more sound-shaping options, innovative sequencing capabilities, and an array of triggers for driving modular gear.

TR06 Top Panel Detail

What if you could…
The sound of the 606 is unique in the TR family and the backbone of numerous classic and underground tracks. But while many love its distinctive tone, it wasn't especially versatile. The TR-06 reimagines the original with new sound-crafting potential and plush onboard effects. Control tuning, decay, and pan for each instrument, or crank up the internal gain, pushing the circuit model into warm overdrive or aggressive distortion. The onboard compressor adds warmth and punch, while the tempo delay creates depth and space from subtle repeats to controlled chaos.

TR06 Angled Away

Advanced sequencer.
Like the original, the step sequencer in the TR-06 is familiar and straightforward, so you can bang out any type of beat quickly and easily. And now it's been updated with advanced features like adjustable sub-steps for ratcheted parts, step-loop for instant pattern slicing, and per-step probability for beats that never get boring.

TR06 Patched to Modular

Modular friendly.
Many modular and tabletop rigs are missing a good drum sequencer that's convenient and easy to use. The TR-06 has five trigger outs and a trigger in, so it's easy to interface with other gear, sparking new ideas and creative possibilities. Sequencing is fast and fluid, and you can mix and layer your external modules with the TR-06's internal sounds for massive rhythmic sequences.

TR06 and Laptop Connected

Built tough and ready for anything.
Like other Roland Boutiques, the TR-06 is sturdy and well-constructed with a solid metal top and a color-matched case with three tilt options. It's a high-quality USB audio interface for quick and easy recording with your computer and can run on standard AA batteries for hours of uninhibited jamming. It even has a built-in speaker, because you never know what life might throw your way.

TR06 DAW Plugin

Hardware meets software.

Pair the TR-06 with the TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer available on Roland Cloud and enjoy the benefits of easy hardware and software integration. The TR-606 plug-in has expanded sequencing capabilities, and the TR-06's knobs are pre-mapped for intuitive, hands-on workflow.


  • User Memory
  • Patterns: 128 (16 patterns x 8 banks)
    Tracks: 8
  • Steps
  • 32 step sequencer
  • Instruments
  • BD: Bass Drum*
    SD: Snare Drum*
    LT: Low Tom*
    HT: Hi Tom*
    CY: Cymbal*
    OH: Open Hi Hat
    CH: Closed Hi Hat
    * Variation sounds included
  • Effects
  • Compressor
  • Functions
  • Step Loop
    Intro/Fill In
    Substep Probability
    Master Probability
  • Connectors
  • TRIGGER IN jack: mono miniature phone type
    TRIGGER OUT jack x 5 (AC, BD, SD, LT, HT): mono miniature phone type
    PHONES jack: stereo miniature phone type
    OUTPUT jack: stereo miniature phone type
    MIX IN jack: stereo miniature phone type
    MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors
    USB port: Micro-B type (Audio, MIDI)

Model: TR06
Manufacturer: Roland