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Antelope Axino Synergy Core - USB/Audio Interface Studio Condenser Microphone


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Axino Synergy Core combines a cardioid USB microphone and an audio interface in one compact device. With onboard microphone emulations and analog-modeled effects, it is a dream device for the desktop setup that involves plenty of vocal and instrument recording, as well as streaming and podcasting.

An outstanding mic times 19
Axino Synergy Core is an outstanding microphone equipped with a gold-sputtered diaphragm offering low self-noise for clean and natural-sounding recordings. In addition to the mic’s own pristine sound, the Modeling Engine gives access to 18 emulations - from dynamic classics to rare Tube & FET large-diaphragm condensers beloved by generations of artists and engineers. Applied in real-time during recording or when mixing in the DAW, the emulations allow for a flexible workflow and easy experimentation. Professional recording system Placing the microphone on a desktop means the user also gets the sound of a professional audio interface equipped with high-fidelity converters and clocking.

Furthermore, the Axino gives access to an entire virtual studio complete with a selection of Synergy Core effects. To start, we have included 8 effects which suit all core recording needs. Reverb, compression, EQ, noise gate and de-esser can be applied to easily create radio-ready sound straight out of the box. The device's virtual studio can also be expanded with emulations of classic hardware and third-party effects like Antares’ Auto-Tune, Grove Hill’s Liverpool and Gyraf Audio’s Gyratec EQs.

Made for creators
The Axino Synergy Core needs only headphones and a laptop with USB connection to work, making it perfect for any self-recording artist. The control panel allows for effortless configuration of effects and speedy workflow, allowing users to quickly make voice-overs, podcasts and streams sound up-to-par with everyone's favorite content creators.

Key Features:
  • Compact bus-powered USB device that combines a condenser microphone and an audio interface - paired with a laptop and a set of headphones, it provides the functionality of an entire professional recording studio
  • Sonically accurate microphone with cardioid pickup pattern featuring large diaphragm capsule and gold-sputtered membrane
  • Studio sound in a portable device – Antelope Audio’s legendary 64-bit AFCTM clocking technology and leading AD/DA conversion (24-bit/192kHz)
  • Modeling Engine with 18 emulations of iconic microphones included
  • Synergy Core onboard platform with 10 included effects and over 80 available expansions, featuring analog-modeled and 3rd party effects
  • <1ms latency for real-time monitoring with microphone emulations and Synergy Core effects
  • Quick access to easy-to-use presets and loopback function for streaming
  • Physical controls for input and headphone volume plus -10dB pad and high-pass filter switch
  • Shock mount, desktop stand and USB cable included

Manufacturer: Antelope Audio