Drum Workshop 3000 Series Single Bass Pedal


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For over 50 years, DW has been the worldwide leader in hardware innovation. Every DW product launch has been followed with tireless innovation and the 3000 Series is no exception. The 3000 Series pedal offers innovative features and enhanced player functionality making it a smart, versatile choice for drummers of all skill levels and playing styles. Enjoy more features in the 3000 Series pedal than ever before. This all-metal, dual-chain single pedal has been updated with an Accelerator' cam, adjustable footboard angle, and swivel toe clamp. The steel base plate also now features an anti-skid rubber mat for greater stability.



  • Dual-Chain Accelerator Drive System
  • Delta stroke adjustment with ball bearing and detachable spring
  • Swivel toe clamp
  • Two-Way DW101 beater with memory lock
  • Steel base plate with anti-skid rubber mat and included drum key

Model: DWCP3000
Manufacturer: Drumworkshop