"A place where customers become friends" -Dan Strait, 1963

electric guitar

Guitars & Fretted Repairs

At Strait Music, no guitar or stringed instrument repair is too large or too small for our 4 on-site experienced guitar technicians. Whether it's a single broken string, guitar setup, extensive electronic modification or complete vintage restoration, our shop(s) are the best in Austin. It is our goal to not only provide high quality service, but also to help our customers understand what’s going on with their instrument and why it needs repair.

Our guitar repair departments at both store locations are qualified to handle all aspects of guitar service including basic setups, action adjustments, fretwork, electronic work, modifications, restoration and rebuilding. Instruments we can work on include but are not limited to: guitars,  basses, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, steel guitars, Indian and eastern stringed instruments, balalaikas and more! If it uses strings, bring it in!