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Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly - Headphone Guitar Amplifier


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Blackstar Tone & Performance – Anywhere

amPlug2 FLY Bass is specifically designed for low frequencies and offers a wide range of response. There are three distinct channels built-in, Classic, Modern and Overdrive, and a custom Tone control, to take your sound from deep and booming to bright and cutting. Engage one of the six different Rhythm loops to find your groove and jam along.

3 Channels in one
amPlug 2 FLY Guitar and Bass both offer three uniquely customisable channels – Clean, Crunch and Lead channels for guitar. Classic, Modern and Overdrive channels for bass.

Blackstar tone, on the FLY
Up to 17 hours of continuous play time from two AAA batteries means you can play for longer on the FLY.

Auto power-off
No need to worry about your batteries, after 30 minutes of no signal the unit automatically turns off.



Speaker Emulated Output
amPlug 2 FLY's speaker emulated output provides incredibly realistic miked up sounds, offering great sounds for direct recording or even running to a PA system.

No Guitar Cable RequiredWith a foldable 180 degree jack, amPlug 2 FLY is designed to plug directly into all guitar and bass body shapes.

Built-in guitar effects
Choose from the selection of 9 built-in effects in amPlug 2 FLY Guitar. Three reverbs, delays and chorus effects.

Natural clean up
The crunch and lead channels of the amPlug 2 FLY Guitar has been meticulously designed to clean up with your instrument volume, just like a real amp would. This allows for endless tonal textures and an addictive playing experience.

Patented ISF Control
amPlug 2 FLY comes equipped with our patented ISF EQ, allowing you to effortlessly dial in incredible sounds. Fully counter clockwise has an American characteristic with a tight bottom end and aggressive middle. Fully clockwise has a British characteristic which is more ‘woody’ and less aggressive.

Perfect with Pedals
amPlug 2 FLY has been specifically designed to take pedals just like your amp would. Simply plug into the end of your pedal chain to have the perfect silent practice rig anywhere.



Manufacturer: Blackstar