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Korg Volca Modular Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Sequencer


The Korg Volca Modular is a micro-modular analog synthesizer with 8 individual modules to create a wide palette of sounds and textures, making it well suited for musicians and producers working in the studio or performing live on stage. The machine utilizes a semi-modular approach, so no patch cables are required to make sound. But the true spirit of this synthesizer lies in the 50 patch points, allowing the user to freely experiment with the signal flow of CV or audio signals.

The Volca Modular utilizes a single part for programming the eight modules in the engine including Source, Functions, Woggle, Split, Dual LPG, Utility, Space Out, and Sequence. The onboard step-sequencer allows the user to manually input up to 16 steps per pattern, but also can be used for real-time recording. The pattern chaining function can chain up to 16 sequences to construct patterns with up to 256 steps. Use the motion sequence function to record knob movements during real-time recording and reproduce them during playback. Additional features and functions include Randomize, which generates accidental ideas, while two added playback modes, Bounce and Stochastic, makes a round trip through the steps or gradually proceeds while randomly moving forward and backward. Also included are advanced musical scales, keys, and micro-tunings. Choose from 14 types of scales including equal temperament. Since you can also specify the tonic key from which these scales start, you can play these scales in any key.

The Volca Modular can be synchronized with other Volcas and Electribes via the Sync I/O. Additionally, the machine features a single TRS-mini CV input, allowing for two CV inputs to control the pitch and other functions from an outside source. It’s powered by an optional power supply or by the included six AA batteries and ships with a set of 20 pin cables for patching.

  • West Coast Style Synthesis
  • Analog Synthesis Engine
  • Single Part, 3-Note Polyphony
  • 2 VCO, 2 EG, 2 LPG, Digital Effect
  • 8 Individual Modules
  • 50 Patch Points
  • 16-Step Sequencer with 16 Patterns
  • Sync I/O and CV Control Inputs (2)
  • Includes 6 x AA Batteries and Sync Cable
  • Includes 20 Patch Cables + Ref Sheet

    Manufacturer: Korg
Korg Volca Modular Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Sequencer
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