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Meinl Headliner Bongos - Wood, Red Burst Finish


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Meinl Headliner Series Bongos are designed for the beginning percussionist or the enthusiastic hobbyist - great if you're not looking to spend half a paycheck on an instrument.

With rubber wood shells, a solid connection block, 2mm rounded rims, and black powder-coated hardware, it would be a mistake to consider this item to be 'cheap'. Several colorful finishes are available for Headliner Bongos, and each one comes with a tuning key.

  • True Skin Buffalo Heads
  • Black Powder-Coated Hardware
  • Includes Tuning Key
  • 6 3/4" Macho & 8" Hembra
  • Red Burst Finish

Model: HB100WRB
Manufacturer: Meinl