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Yamaha YFL-461H Intermediate Flute w/ Gold Lip Plate


The Yamaha YFL-461 Series Intermediate Flute is an outstanding choice for the advancing student. The head, body, and foot joints are made of solid silver; which produces a warm and rich tone. The headjoint’s embouchure hole is undercut for a clean attack, sensitive response and accurate intonation. Double bladder pads feature extended life, while thickened post will help maintain accurate alignment.

This flute features an undercut and beveled embouchure holeh provides a clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation. The Low B gizmo key makes for convenient fingering and excellent response for high C. Double bladder pads mean longer life and maximum seating, and Nickel-silver, power-forged keys result are less susceptible to breakage. It additionally features Cork key bumpers for quieter action and lighter touch, strong post design, and ergonomic key shapes.

    Sterling silver headjoint, body, and B foot Gold lip plate
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Offset G
  • Gizmo key
  • Open hole
  • Includes: case, case cover and cleaning rod

Model: YFL461HLPGP
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Yamaha YFL-461H Intermediate Flute w/ Gold Lip Plate
Regular Price: $3,147.00
On Sale For $2,206.99