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Tama HH905XP Cobra Clutch Hi-Hat Clutch


The Tama HH905XP Cobra Clutch hands-free hi-hat clutch allows double-pedal and double bass drummers to use their feet instead of their hands to put hi-hats in closed position. The new Cobra Clutch is a major advance over the ordinary drop clutch, which takes one hand out of play to put the hi-hat in closed position. With the Cobra Clutch, you activate the hi-hats the same way you play them - with the foot.

Plus, the Cobra Clutch lets you adjust the setting of the closed position the hi-hats lock into. That's one more thing that you can't do with a drop clutch.

Tama's Cobra Clutch to lock down or release the footboard. The Cobra Clutch has been designed to work with most standard hi-hat stand designs.

Model: HH905XP
Manufacturer: Tama
Tama HH905XP Cobra Clutch Hi-Hat Clutch
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