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Evans SoundOff Fusion Drum Set Mute Box Set


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The SoundOff Assortment was created to serve any drummer on a budget by giving them the value of assortment package pricing. SoundOff can be purchased in various assortment options, from toms and snare only to the full kit with bass and cymbal mutes. This fantastic combination allows drummers of any financial range to enjoy the high caliber quality that the SoundOff name delivers.

SoundOff drum mutes allow players to practice on their normal drum sets in relative silence while preserving realistic feel and rebound characteristics. The Complete Fusion Box Set includes mute sizes to fit 10", 12" & 14" toms, 14" snare, crash mute, 20" ride mute, 14" hi hat mute, and the universal size adjustable SoundOff Bass Drum Mute.

Manufacturer: Evans