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Cascade Mics 96BE Fathead BE (Bare Essentials) - Grey Body Silver Scooped Grille (Stock Trans)


The FAT HEAD BE microphone is well suited for recording guitar cabinets, or used as drum over-heads, and for capturing vocal, piano, horns, strings, etc., with a "warm," full bodied signature. This stock transformer BE version includes an identical FAT HEAD microphone as found in other packages, but dispenses with the aluminum case, wood box and premium shock mount to lower the cost of admission. The microphone ships with a rubberized microphone stand clip and a vinyl pouch.

  • Hand-tuned ribbon element
  • True figure 8 pattern
  • Stock output transformer
  • Balanced audio input signal to both sides of the ribbon assembly
  • Suited for guitar cabinets, drum over-heads, vocal, piano, horns, strings and more

  • Model: 96BE
    Manufacturer: Cascade Mics


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