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Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe

Distortion & Gain

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The Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe doubles down the original, adding a second stackable channel of transparent overdrive plus five new circuit-bent modifications to deliver classic cranked combo amp sounds plus octaves, oscillations, and envelope-controlled tremolo.

Channel one preserves the original Interstellar Overdriver in its natural state–complex, dynamic, transparent overdrive that feels just like an old ‘50s tube amp cranked up to redlining oblivion. Dial in ragged, tweed-style breakup and saturation with realistic, spongy tube-like sag and harmonics, and let your instrument do the talking.

The second channel serves up an identical Interstellar Overdriver for stacking or a clean boost, plus five extra mods to twist the circuit in to coughing up more extreme and uncharted overdriven sounds. Choose between a sharp, cutting overdrive, blown-out sub frequency drive, oscillating fuzz, octave fuzz, envelope-controlled tremolo, or a second Interstellar Overdriver to take the sound over the top.

The sounds totally change when both channels are stacked, and the controls for the two channels are highly interactive, making this an extraterrestrial transparent overdrive pedal with so many sounds to explore you might get lost in space.

Manufacturer: Death by Audio