Aguilar Fuzzistor V2 - Bass Fuzz

Distortion & Gain

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Iconic Aguilar circuitry gets a fresh new look!

Delivering the deep and textured tones that Aguilar bass pedals are known for, the Fuzzistor® provides classic silicon transistor distortion. The Fuzzistor® allows for complete control over the BLEND of the clean and fuzz sound, where the LEVEL is for gain matching. The FUZZ control sets the amount of fuzz, from subtle to crushing. The TONE is a tilt EQ that changes the harmonic structure of the fuzz from booming to gnarly.



Fuzzistor V2 Features:

  • Type:
  • Analog Silicon transistor distortion
  • Inputs:
  • One 1/4″ jack
  • Outputs:
  • One 1/4″ jack
  • Power:
  • 9v power supply
  • Controls:
  • Engage switch

Manufacturer: Aguilar