D'Addario ENR71-5 Half Rounds Regular Light Gauge Long Scale Semi-Flat Wound Bass Strings (5-string) 45-130

Light 5 Half Round

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Coined the “third type of string,” XL Half Rounds bass strings are an excellent medium between round wound and flat wound strings. Half Rounds have a smoother feel than round wound strings, but a fuller tone than strings that are flat wound. Made with a high carbon steel core and pure nickel wrap wire, they’re finished with a precision grinding process to provide a smooth feel and reduced finger noise, with tone that's comparable to round wound bass strings. Made for 5-string basses, 45-130 Regular Light gauge strings take our most popular bass gauge and add a low B-string.

String Gauges:

  • G
  • .045
  • D
  • .065
  • A
  • .080
  • E
  • .100
  • Low B
  • .130


Model: ENR715
Manufacturer: D'Addario