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Meinl Percussion Alpine Series Synthetic Djembe - 10" Kanga Sarong Finish


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The 10” MEINL Alpine Djembe features an incredibly lightweight yet durable construction that is perfect for travel. Outfitted with a durable synthetic head, the unique body style delivers a wide range of deep bass tones and crisp highs that responds to your touch at all dynamic levels. A sturdy, easy-to-use mechanical tuning system ensures consistent sound regardless of changes in weather, making this drum a great companion for outdoor playing. The striking and eco-friendly finish options complete the djembe’s refined appearance.


  • Durable, synthetic head and shell
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Mechanical tuning system
  • Perfect for travel and outdoor performance
  • 10" diameter
  • Synthetic shell
  • Synthetic head
  • Kanga Sarong finish

Model: ADJ10KA
Manufacturer: Meinl