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GFI Systems Skylar Stereo Reverb


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Skylar packs four quintessential GFI System’s reverb algorithms into a compact pedal that is straightforward and easy to use. Intuitive user interface coupled with an LCD screen makes it a breeze to navigate through Skylar’s vast sonic pallete and features.

Input / Output
Skylar supports both mono and stereo input/output. Mono connection is made using standard TS patch cables while stereo connections is made via TRS patch cables (a splitter-Y cable may be needed).

External control
A multi-purpose jack provides connection to an expression pedal or tap-tempo pedal. Expression pedal input enables expressive control over the reverbs’ parameters, and the external tap-tempo can be used to control the tremolo speed in the Tremble algorithm.


  • Spatium
  • Shimmer
  • Plate
  • Tremble (tremolo-reverb with tap-tempo)

Manufacturer: Gfi System