Kun 210 'Original' Violin Shoulder Rest (1/2-3/4)


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Being both adjustable and comfortable, the Kun Original has become one of the most highly sought after shoulder rests in the world of strings. This shouler rest has length and height adjustments which allows it to be customized to fit nearly any player and any instrument. The padded shoulder support provides comfort against your shoulder and collar bone, the areas most often affected by violin playing. Rubber coated feet ensure that no sharp or damaging materials ever come in contact with the delicate finish of your violin.

Another advantage to the use of a shoulder rest is less resistance on the tone of the isntrument. When a violin or viola is played flush against ones body, the back of the instrument is often muted to a degree. The Kun Original shoulder rest supports the instrument by firmly grasping on to the edge, and thus allows the body to resonate freely.

Model: K200_86261
Manufacturer: Kun