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Death by Audio 'Apocalypse' 5 in 1 Fuzz

Boost, Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz

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Tired of constantly switching between five different fuzz pedals to get your sound? Bring on the Apocalypse. This versatile overdriving multitasker starts with a raging distortion preamp circuit and pumps it through one of five selectable post-amplifier circuits and a specially-tuned Sweepable Frequency Equalizer to take your fuzz to the next level until the end of time.

Use this pedal as a boost for solos, an amp-like recording DI, your main sound, a bass blitzer, or run anything into it you want to beef up, blast out, or supercharge.

The Apocalypse uses a combination of silicon, JFET, and IC-based pre-and post-amp clipping options, making it easily the most diverse overdrive / distortion / fuzz in the Death By Audio lineup and a must-have onstage and in the studio.

Manufacturer: Death by Audio