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2HP Drum Machine Percussion Synthesizer System


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The essential sounds for a full modular percussion section; kick, snare, and hat, with onboard mixer to help your drum machine sit in the pocket.

2HP Lunchbox

Cement your rhythm with the Kick, a dynamic sound source with beat making in mind. Call and respond with the Snare and Hat, each with its own unique sound design parameters to recreate classic drum machines as well as entirely new percussive qualities. The kit is glued together using Mix, our 4 channel mixer, for a beat composition tool unlike any other.

  • Compact Drum Machine w/ onboard mixer
  • Emulate 808 style drums to dissonant percussive textures
  • V/oct control over Kick and Snare allows for melodic expression
  • Triggers for both closed and open hi-hats
  • Mounting Screws: 2.5mm
Modules Included:
  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hat
  • Mix
Accessories Included:
  • x5 Patch Cables
  • x1 Zero HP Mult
Tech Specs:
  • Case Depth: 72mm
  • Case Width: 42 HP
  • Power Supply: 4 HP EU format
    +12V @ 1.5A
    -12V @ 1.3A
    +5V @ 1.5A
  • Flying Bus Cable with 8 slots
  • Power Brick included

Manufacturer: 2HP