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 Used Pianos


  • This stunning 1983 Yamaha C5 grand piano is priced at $21,900 and located at our North store.

  • We currently have four beautiful Yamaha U3 uprights in stock: one at the North store and three at the South.  All are in excellent condition and are priced at $5,995. 

  • The polished walnut finish on this 1998 Samick 48" upright makes it a real eye-catcher. You'll find it at our South location, priced right at $2,795.

  • This beautiful 1908 Steinway Model B is a real family heirloom! The stunning figured rosewood cabinet must be seen to be appreciated. Priced at $41,900, you'll find it at our South store. 

  • Here is a '60s Hallet & Davis spinet at our South store that's a real value for only $1,495. 

  • This 1995 48" Young Chang features a beautiful polished mahogany finish. Priced right at $4,495, it may be found at our South location. 

  • We presently have 4 pre-owned Yamaha U1 uprights in polished ebony in stock, 3 at the South store and 1 at the North store . All are in great condition and priced below $5,000. 

  • This rare 1965 Steinway "M" 5'7" grand in the Louis the 15th style must be seen and played to be appreciated. You'll find it at our South store priced at $26,900. 

  • Here is a very nice 1961 Kawai upright in satin ebony at the South store for $3,495. 

  • Here's a 2001 Wyman console at our South store with a contemporary look and a great price--only $2,190!

  • This 1988 Yamaha C7 7'4" grand is in immaculate condition and sounds incredible! You'll find it at our South location priced right at $32,900. 

  • This walnut 1935 Steinway Model "M" grand at our North store must be seen and played to be appreciated. This stunning piano is close-out priced at $19,999.

  • This rare 1987 9' Yamaha concert grand is in truly excellent condition. Come play this fine piano at our South location today. Priced at $59,900, this same model sells new for $150,000. 

  • This 1996 Yamaha C3 is in excellent condition and is priced to sell at $22,900. See it today at our South location.

  • Come play this 1993 Baldwin 226 R in a gorgeous cherry finish at our North store. It's priced right at $14,900. 

  • Check out this 1995 Young Chang upright at our South store. It's a great value at $3,495. 

  • Here is a lovely Baldwin L grand that must be played to be appreciated! This impressive instrument is priced at $15,900 at our South location. 

  • This 1952 Baldwin Acrosonic is a great starter piano for just $1,295 at our South store. 

  • This gorgeous 1990 Yamaha G2PE at our South store is in excellent condition and is priced at $10,900.

  • This 1971 Wurlitzer Melville Clark spinet at our South location is a real bargain for only $1,295. 

  • Looking elegant in its satin ebony finish, this 2010 Yamaha GC1SE is priced at $14,900 at our South store.

  • This attractive 1990 Yamaha MX100B in satin walnut is priced at $7,995 at our South Location.

  • Here's one of the best bargains in the store--a 2000 Yamaha M500QA at our South store for just $2,995!