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Livid Instruments Guitar Wing Wireless 3D Control Surface


The Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments is an innovative wireless control surface that gives guitar and bass players immediate control over the functions of their favorite plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps, MIDI effects units, and even lighting and visual platforms.

The Guitar Wing fits any electric guitar or bass and does not require modifications of your instrument. Easily attached (and removed), it communicates with your computer using wireless technology.

Every Guitar Wing includes the Wing FX software plug-in, so you can quickly use it to control effects, pitch, filters and more. Built-in motion sensors offer users new ways to control their sound without compromising their play.

The Guitar Wing combines the latest in wireless technology, RGB LED lighting and ultra-thin pressure and touch sensitive controls, for a totally new, completely portable, and elegant design that fits almost any guitar.

You can use the Guitar Wing with the bundled effects plug-in, WingFX, or dive into the vast world of software, controlling programs like Logic, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Guitar Rig, Reason, and many others. Whatever your vision, the Guitar Wing provides an expressive control surface that’s designed to fit the needs of guitar and bass players.

As a class compliant MIDI device, the Guitar Wing works with almost any audio software, iOS application, VST Plugin and more. Setting up the connection is easy, and with colorful LED feedback, you’ll know what’s going on without having to look at your computer screen.



  • Wireless: Enjoy the freedom to move around without wires, adapters or cables
  • Instant Effects: Instantly access and control digital effects with the included WingFX effects plugin
  • Adjustable: Adjusts to almost every electric guitar or bass
  • Innovative design allows you to adjust Guitar Wing to your instrument for a secure and natural fit
  • MIDI Control: Class compliant MIDI device
  • Instantly works with your favorite DAW, iOS device, MIDI hardware and more
  • No drivers or complicated setups

    Manufacturer: Livid Instrumen
    Livid Instruments Guitar Wing Wireless 3D Control Surface
    Regular Price: $199.99
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