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AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset Wireless System


Samson's AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset system offers a true wireless experience with no beltpacks and no cables, allowing complete mobility. The system includes the AH1 Headset Transmitter, along with a CR77 Wireless Receiver. The headset is designed to go around the back of your head rather than over the top which allows the transmitter to be attached directly to the headband and be completely unobtrusive, while being comfortable and secure during performances. The AH1 offers 14 hours of operation on a single AAA battery. The AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset system and the AH1 Headset Transmitter features Samson's Qe condenser microphone element that is designed with a unidirectional microphone and cardioid pickup pattern that rejects feedback. It's ideal for group fitness instructors who need a durable headset microphone that will remain in place despite repetitive movement.

The core of the AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset system is the CR77 True Diversity half-rack UHF receiver which is designed to work with AirLine UHF transmitters. Featuring dual tuned, molded antenna, a front panel display with large multi-segment audio level and RF level LED meters, and a large rotary volume knob that allows easy adjustment of audio output which takes all of the guesswork out making your wireless system perform. Its synthesized PLL frequency control circuitry keeps the signal locked and true while the LED meters monitor the system's operation. The rear panel features balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs allowing flexible connection options. Two CR77 receivers can be rack mounted together in a single space rack (adapter accessory sold separately). With AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset system, you get complete wireless freedom that's good to go anywhere your workout takes you.

  • AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset System
  • UHF wireless system with PLL frequency control
  • Available in multiple channels across two frequency bands (N: 642.375MHz–645.750MHz, K: 489.050MHz–492.425MHz)
  • AC adapter and 1/4" audio cable included
  • AH1 Fitness Headset Transmitter
  • Fitness headset with mounted micro transmitter (no beltpack or cable required)
  • Qe condenser microphone element with unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern
  • Water-resistant mic design for high-energy instructors/performers
  • Up to 14 hours of battery life using single AAA battery
  • Power/low battery LED indicator
  • 300' operating range (line-of-sight)
  • Power and Mute switches
  • CR77 Wireless Receiver
  • True Diversity design minimizes dropouts
  • Mountable half-rack chassis
  • 1/4-wave antennas
  • Multi-segment audio and RF level LED meters
  • Volume and squelch controls
  • Balanced XLR output, unbalanced 1/4" output
  • Mic/Line level output switch

  • Model: SW7AVSCEK2
    Manufacturer: Samson
AirLine 77 AH1 Fitness Headset Wireless System
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